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Marie’s “Day Job” is preparing and performing her own theme shows with her accompanists, David Skolnick (or Don Guinn) in seniors’ clubs, seniors' homes and day centres. They also perform for Private Parties such as Birthdays and Anniversaries. A... Read More
"I'm currently reading a book about body language and it tells of the health and well being values of laughter. I've always thought that having a fun and happy life were beneficial just because it's much more pleasant to go through life that way and... Read More
As a sort of backdrop or set piece, Marie always decorates a table with a nice table cloth with props and decorations to suit the current theme of the show. The duo also arrive appropriately dressed and then Marie changes into costume and for a... Read More
Marie likes to arrive an hour before the starting time of their performance. While she and her pianist are setting up the sound system, props table and dressing room, they like to talk with the early birds, residents or club members and staff. (... Read More
Marie is interested in the same thing as you are: keeping your residents and clients happy!   Marie and her accompanist have enough theme shows to visit your seniors several times a year, with a different show, different songs and... Read More
You can book Marie Gogo and David Skolnick for Seniors wherever they gather! Retirment Homes, Long Term Care Homes, Seniors' Club or Private Parties!   Marie Gogo is an entertaining singer who is known to many audiences as "The Lady... Read More